Email marketing question

Would you send a single email to customers who choose “no emails” explaining how to change their email preferences on your online ordering system?

We have had about 1300 unique users on our online system during the first year. It makes me crazy that about 400 of them choose “no emails”.

I am thinking of sending one email per year to people who choose “no emails” explaining that I realize they chose not to receive emails, that we will not be pestering them going forward if they still choose no emails… but in case they would like to receive special offers from us… here are the steps to change the setting:

What do you think?

I think you would generate a ton of ill will. Also, the FTC has some say in the matter: … e-business

Each separate email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $16,000…

A better option would be to make a box-top flyer pointing out all the benefits to joining your e-mail list and on it explain how to opt back in or change an e-mail address if a current opt-out member so chooses.

I assume you are sending them an order confirmation?

If so, how about adding a section in that email saying “click here top opt-in to receive our email specials blah blah blah…”.