Email Marketing Week of July 5-11

Do you use email marketing? What offers are you sending in emails? What response rates are you getting? How do you collect email addresses?

We’ve started using email marketing at our pizza restaurant within the last month. I get our email addresses by going around to businesses in town and asking them if they want to recieve the email. Wondering what other ways there aer to get email addresses. So far we;'ve been sending out our daily specials, wondering if we may need to start sending special coupons or some other type of offer because we aren’t getting that much of a response, we want to see a lot more. Any ideas?

We use email marketing but don’t see much in a response. My guess is that these emails may be going to SPAM as our email address may not be recognized by the recipient’s email provider. We get the email addresses simply by asking our guests. We use comment cards and do a monthly drawing. On the comment cards our guests are required to supply their physical mailing address and they also have the option of providing an email address. Not our best form of advertising.