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Hi all, some of you are on my email list and see what I send out. But I must admit, I am starting to dry up on ideas, not feeling very creative right now. If anyone sends out emails that do not have me on their list, would you mind adding me? Please only do so if you don’t mind some direct stealing of your ideas, lol. And the same goes for me. If you like what I am doing, please feel free to use it yourself! Please just add me with the email attached to this account.

Also please post a response if you have an idea that worked great for you. I realize that this is not gaining new customers much, but it does get my current customers in more often. Which with the slight decrease in sales is a nice boost to keep us going.

Thanx muchly!

I did nomething last week that burned the heck out of my phone.
one the email I sent out using constant contact
school of thought, I raised my food cost for sure, most people see this and they are like WOW this is it. I can get the kids pizza and what ever we want on the pizza, no 1.25 extra this is great…turns out on the average it was about 3-4 topping pizza, most wanted to add a topping for 1.25 on the cheese. and I would say at least half of the people had additional items. GREAT coupon, drives the average ticket up and closer look food cost over all is still good.

Item number 2 on the docket was LIMITED TIME ONLY, BUY A LARGE CHEESE PIZZA and we will upgrade you to our cheesiest 5 cheese pizza, its like getting 4 cheeses for FREE.
seriously we just make a cheese pizza, add in parm and 3 cheese blend for our taco salad, food cost is the same because I use in taco cheese I save in mozz prov

What size was your 19.99 special?


Is that a large 16", or a large 14", or something other? I did check your website before asking, but didn’t see it.