Emailing Coupons

I want to start emailing coupons to customers to increase sales from Monday through Wednesday. I tried it once - emailed a coupon for 25% of the entire order on Wednesday only. The response was pretty good. I sent it out twice - in the morning and right before the rush hour. The question is, how often should I do this? One thing I don’t want to do is inundate my customers with constant emails. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Thats just about my whole margin. I would rather just sit and stare at the wall, then make free food.

Why not do some A/B splits to figure out what time(s) and frequencies get the best results and adjust accordingly? Hit 1/3rd of your database with the 2/day method, another 3rd with only the earlier and the last 3rd with only the later message. You might discover that multiple emails to the same person in a day are actually lowering your response rate and resulting in more unsubscribes.

Testing your marketing with A/B/C, etc. splits is an absolute must so you can fine tune your marketing…

That’s what I’ve been doing on weekdays. Not fun:)

I’ve noticed lower response yesterday. And that was the same exact offer 4 days later. So I’m now thinking about doing this just once a week.

I always believed that one email per customer per week was the maximum for me.