Emailing Through Constant Contact

Hey People. I wanted to share my experience with a company called E all about it. ( used to use constant contact to send out our emails but as business got busier I found it hard to keep up with my newsletter and other Catering flyers and contests I was trying to run. I found This company that charges $99.00/ month that actually sets up all of our emails.(still pay constant contact $20) The owner (Andy) is totally on top of me every week getting new info,specials,new items, and events for the newsletter while also sending out the “happy new years”'s and all the other customer bs we stride for. He is doing a fantastic job with our stuff and I hope he can help you guys. if you want, add yourself to my customer list and check his stuff out. or call him. He deals with every customer one on one.

I figure we are so quick to point out the bad ones…heres a good one for you… to add yourself.

Good luck making that green