emergency dough

for emergency dough, dough which you need to use in an hour or so, besides doubling the yeast and increasing the water by 2%, would it be prudent to add .5% of vinegar(household at 5% acidity) to lower the pH, since I think yeast likes a little more acidic enveironment to work.

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As an old instructor of mine used to say “you are spot on”. The only other thing to remember to do is to increase the finished dough temperature to something in the 85 to 90F range (favoring 90F). The addition of the vinegar really helps to jumpstart the yeast activity with a no-time/emergency dough.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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I do my emergency dough just like I do my regular dough, I feel that if you alter the recipe in anyway you alter the taste. I can have dough in about an hour. One trick I do use is to increase the temp on the water to 110 from 105 and put my pans in the proofer before I mix the dough so that they are warm.