Employee background checks... where can you look?

I’m going to need to start running background checks on potential employees and was trying to find them on-line… however the only thing I can find are the sites that you must pay for.

Isn’t a felony public knowledge, thus wouldn’t the state police or someone have an on-line search for free?

Thanks all!

Our local police department offers a ‘basic’ background check for a nominal fee of like $10. I don’t know what it pulls or shows, but it is there for us if we ask.

Check with your local plice department and/or sheriff.

I’ve heard a lot about companies using sites like MySpace and FaceBook to review their potential employees sites.

But if you’re looking for criminal records(felony) I don’t know of any that you could use where it wouldn’t cost you anything. You should have something on you application that asks if they’ve ever been convicted of, or plead guilty or no contest to a criminal offense.

If they’re honest, you’ll know when they fill out their application. If they’re not honest, and you find out later, you can fire them for giving you false information.

All you have to do is google your state ie. (WI. court system) and that will take you to what you want to know, it’s free.

In Colorado, the employee can get a copy of their DMV report for $2. We require it on hiring and reimburse them. It will include most things youo would want to know about. I suppose youo could also run a credit check.

ADP runs a program for thirty-five a month.


Our state DMV reports do not include convictions for embezzlement, assault or fraud, though :slight_smile:

you can search google for your states dept. of corrections most states, I know GA does, have an offender search for free. It shows convictions for the last five years. not a full background check but free resource