Employee Contests

Came across the below article and wondered how many pizzerias out there are running contests for their employees. Let us all know what you’re doing and how successful it is so we can boost some employee morale!

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine


We have done contests during big weeks for years. The one I like best focuses on average ticket. Since we are a Delco most of this takes place on the phone.

We use our POS to track sales by order taker. The contest period is one week. We eliminate the small transactions like slices and single drinks by setting a minimum transaction value. We also cap the transaction size to eliminate the kinds of one of kind large orders that would throw the averages. There is a minimum number of orders for an employee to be eligible.

The prize is for the largest average ticket for a 7 day period. 1st prize is $50, 2nd is $30 and 3rd is $30. We train on suggesting combos, adding apps and salads, drinks, deserts etc before starting the contest. We also post standings daily.

The contest has a couple of purposes:

  1. Increase sales by getting staff thinking about what else the customer might like and suggesting it.
  2. Get my manager thinking about training and looking at measurable results… and scheduling the best phone people on the nights when it makes the most difference.
  3. Establish habits that stick though the high season even after the contest is over.