Employee discounts

I was wondering what everydone does regarding employee discounts on food, on and off schedule. I am currently giving them 50% off but it is getting a bit out of line when they come in with a group of friends when they are off work and it adds up.
Any ideas would be helpful


i give them 1 free medium 1 topping after 4 hrs and 25% off of there food only not there friends and family nad they dont get any discount on steaks

My staff get a free small 2 topping after they work for more than 3 hours.

They get a 50% staff discount on most (not all) items but all are told this is for their own use so if they turn up with a load of friends they only get one item with the discount.

We give 50% off to employee while working. It has to be a small meal or up to a medium pizza. After a year they can eat one small meal while working. They do not get a discount off the clock but can have any special regardless of “conditions” (lunch special at night, carry out only deals for delivery etc) They can take the employee meal home at the end of the shift.

We tell them we cannot give discounts out to everyone and their brother but if their family comes in they can give them the best deal we have and of course we will make it awesome. (which we try and do anyway)

There are certain items (wings, chzcake etc.) which are excluded from any discounts.

If they work a double they get one meal free.

It has worked out well for us.

Do not lose sight of why you give staff a discount…It is a part of keeping them happy and motivated…

[quote=“Wizzle Wassell”]

They get a 50% staff discount on most (not all) items but all are told this is for their own use so if they turn up with a load of friends they only get one item with the discount.[/quote

We do similar but extend it to direct family living at home providing the staff member or their parents do the order and pick it up. We won’t deliver with the 50% discount even if they want to pay the full delivery fee. This way we know that either the staff member or the parent will come in and not just one of their friends

Not all lines are 50% off, only pizzas. Drinks and other items have varying discounts which we have up on the board for them to see.

Drivers get a free pizza and a can of drink at the end of the shift after doing the clean up, washing the floors and taking out the rubbish.


My employees get all food and drink for free while they are working. This excludes bottle drinks. If they want to take anything home for a party or something I give them 25% off. While they are not working they get a free drink for themselves when they come in to the shop.

I used to have the same approach but had two families who abused this. One came in every day and ordered a pie and a side for ‘himself’ as he ‘loved our pizza’. I happened to be driving that day and shortly after he left I left on a delivery. As I walked around the corner he was stood there with two guys (I think they were work mates) the two guys were eating the pie whilst he was eating a cold sandwich from another shop. Stopped that one pretty quickly.

For the past 3 years we’ve given on-clock employees $6 to eat whatever they want. Over the past couple of months they all started grouping togeather and took advantage of the mass quantity discounts thus I stopped that and changed to 50% off anything while on-clock upto $20 (so a max of $10 off).

This way not only does the meal get paid for but we also make a few extra $$ off of them and keep food cycled in this slow time.

also-no discounts for off-clock

On the day our employees work they get a 50% discount on anything they order.
We also charge 50 cents for canned soda, we use to give it away and then there were 10 half full soda cans laying around. On their day off they get one pizza at 50% the rest at full price and all other menu items are full price on their day off.

We tell them the employee food policy is to feed them because they have to work through dinner. It isn’t a way to feed your family and friends everyday. Don’t abuse the policy and everything will be just fine, and they are OK with it.


Everything (most) free while working. No items can be taken home.

50% the rest of the time whether it be for themselves, family or friends – excludes delivery.

If it is busy they will have to wait as customer orders will take priority.

If there were multiple stores involved we would have to limit this but it is controllable with one location.

Nothings free - not for myself or employees. They get a 25% flat discount. Of course, where they really kick it is buying beer @ a discount - lol.

I’m finding that if it’s something they always get, it gets taken for granted and some people will abuse the generosity.

The rule we went to is they earn $1.00 per hour that they work for ONE PERSONAL MEAL, and no carryovers.
meaning if they eat during the shift, anything they take home has to be paid for.
Large pizza is not considered a personal meal so I make them pay for 1/2 of it.

This works out well, because the senior workers usually work the longer shifts so they get more in the credit.
and by not offering a standing discount. I can discount or even give away food to thank the employees personally for a job well done.

Like Tony397, we also charge for drinks for the same reason, when I asked them about why there were so many undrinken bottles of pop laying around the response I got was “I didn’t know which one was mine so I got a new one” funny how when they had to pay 50 cents for it, they always knew which one was theirs.

Beware of small thinking. Giving a discount to your employees costs you nothing. Stop focusing on the money “lost” in the discount and remember that when you sell food to employees at 50% off you are NOT loosing anything.

So, what are you doing when you give a discount to staff… regardless of whether they buy a pie to take home from a shift or if they come in on a day off and get three pies to treat their friends?

  1. Providing a benefit to employees who are not overpaid in any pizza store I have ever seen. (remember, this benefit, unlike all the others you offer is FREE to you)

  2. Building familiarity with your product with people you depend on to sell. Is there any stronger sales line in pizza than an employee saying “my favorite combination is…”

  3. Making an employee feel good about the place they work… That you are not a small time skinflint and that you value thier service.

None of that is to say that an employee that is scamming you should be tolarated… but too often small business people like us loose sight of the goal: good product, good service… where does that come from? Happy employees.

I offer my staff 50% off anytime on or off the clock carryout or delivery for any amount of food they want. I have had one employee purchase 50 pizzas for a department meeting at the University. I still make a little bit of money on each transaction. My only restriction is they can not make a profit off my discount. I will not allow them to resell these pizzas for more and I would fire an employee if I caught them doing this. They can feel free to feed their family, friends or even the homeless guy begging for food an money at the exit of the highway but not sell to them for a profit.

Free fountain pop and 50% off while on the clock or just before or after their shift and this is for personal use only. When they are not working they get 10% off I also allow their family to get 10% off as well


What do you all do about ‘miss-made’ orders or returned undelivered orders? Are they free to the crew to eat on shift?

Why or why not?

Mismade pizzas will go to a carryout customer as a free add on if possible, if not go on the back table for crew to eat. Undelivered orders go to back table for crew to eat. Multiple free crew pies are made daily with specific toppings for those who care to request them. If you want your own pizza or some other side item, as opposed to a couple slices of a crew pie, you pay 50% of menu price.

Totally against the ‘mis-made pies’ going to crew.

Originally it made sense to let the crew have them rather than making a staff pie however I got wise very early when there always seemed to be a large pie ‘mis-made’ about 15 minutes before one guy was finsihing his shift and he would casually say ‘instead of my staff pie can I take this pie home - it’ll save you the cost of another small pie for me’. On the third occasions he asked I told him no and funny enough the problem disappeared - he did shortly after as well.

I’ll normally give the mis-make to the customer along with the remake (provided the mismake is say a missing topping) to make up for the delay in getting the order out.

Unfortunately there always seems to be one person who tries to push the limited of these kinds of discounts/incentive and ruins it for everyone else.