Employee discounts

^^^ I agree. The customer should be offered the mistake. Noone deserves a reward for a mistake they make.

^^^ ditto


Same here. When I took over a shop, I immediately began giving away or tossing all mistake pizzas and instituted a policy that if there were no mistakes made, the crew could make pies at the end of the shift for themselves (usually came out to a couple of large pies). Problem disappeared almost immediately and the crew began to have great pride in rarely making mistakes.

I just don’t see the point in charging your employees anything while they are working – especially for single unit operators. It really doesn’t cost you anything, builds up good will with your employees, and gets them to be more familiar with your product which obviously helps them be better employees.

If there is no charge to eat while they are working mistake food is a non-issue. No free food is not to be taken home – period.

We charge 50% for anything they want when they are not working and we are quite easy on it as well. They have parties where they introduce our product to new people and you have salesman on hand to promote it. The only limitation to the 50% rule is that it can be to the detriment of customers. Had one exception in the past couple years where someone wanted 12 extra large pizzas in the middle of our Saturday rush. Gave him 25% off for such an order at that time. He was working that night as well so really he would not have been part of the party.

What’s funny is the crew hardly ever makes themselves anything – mostly just a bite of something here or there or they will grab a slice. If a mistake is made they will take advantage of eating that rather than making something new.


but we have a liberal food policy . . … our mistakes go to staff for their meal allowance usually . . . or the fire department or police if no customer takes it, and the pie/sandwich/wings is edible.