How does everybody do them? I do mine simply a 50% off on clock and 20% off clock. I get ticked when an employee goes to competition and buys there. Should I be upset? I also say to them, hey ill make the 20% off of my customer any day vs. giving it to you. You want to pay 100% for your food feel free! I like getting 100% for my products.
Any thoughts?

I feed my small staff for FREE on shift. Even then, they prefer to eat somewhere else sometimes. Pizza and the rest of the menu is, after all, rather limited diet for people to eat all the time. Now, I hate when they get Hunt Brothers or some econo-chain stuff . . . . but sometimes they just get the fever when we are closed. Poll them and make sure they don’t hate your product and let it go. If the DO dislike it, then follow up on why, and maybe poll a few customers to make sure you are still making a great pie.

I offer 50% discount on or off the clock. We’ll also have a crew pie every dayshift and one or two most every night. Some of my employees order regularly from the competition. They get tired of eating the same thing every day and on their own time they commonly want something different.

One free meal when working (8" pizza or breadsticks or salad) and free fountain drinks. 50% off for carry-out orders when not working.

I used to offer 2.00 per hour worked as credit for any food purchase…This could be used at work or at other times…It was a little hard to keep track of (pre POS) but it worked well…

We had been doing some convoluted scheme where some menu items were free on shift, others were at 50% of menu price. It was a pain, no one understood it and we didn’t take too long to convert it to a flat “you get a $7.00 meal credit” if you work at least a 3 hour shift. It’s been well received. We hadn’t thought there would be a need to do an off shift discount though. I’d be interested to read more on that.

Free drinks,free large slice and 20% off regular menu items on or off the clock plus they can get a large pizza with 1 topping for $8 to take home if they wanted to after the shift.


on shift they eat for free. off shift they eat get 30% off menu price. our employees do eat out and we engourage it as they do come to us and tell us what they liked and hated from other places. They also on there shift can also make there own meal which they all love because it’s something different not on our menu or just to there taste.

Pizza and anything they can make with pizza ingredients as well as salad are free on shift. They are not permitted to take it home.

Off shift 50% off. Carryout only, no delivery. Also other food items like wings, ice cream etc are 50% any time on or off shift.

They get a free slice and salad on shift, 50% off shift for dine in and take out. I also give them an option to have $5 deducted from each pay check for unlimited access to soda fountain while on the clock. I also allow them to take home leftover lunch buffet pizza, by-the-slice leftovers and late night leftovers on the weekend. Usually after 4-6 months on the job, they have no interest in the take home stuff.

I used to try to charge workers for food, but i found it way to hard to track and enforce.

So instead now when i hire someone new, i feed them as much pizza as i possibly can in the shortest amount of time. That way they are so sick of our pizza they smell alone makes them sick…Its a great plan and has worked perfectly ever since i started to do it.

Try it, today i was like are you guys hungry? everyone said yes!!! You want a pizza? Hell no!! Then they order some where else

try it