employee food policy

I base my policy on my food cost.

I usually let the crew make something small if they work a 5hrs shift, example a salad, breadsticks, or sub.

On the week-ends, we usually make a crew pie.

As long as the food cost stays at a respectable rate, I have no problem with rewarding my crew with a small meal. When my percentage goes up, the free small meals go away. If I have to take free meals away, I let them order something for 50% off with the exception of wings (always full price)

Anytime they order off the clock, they can pick up their pizza for 50% off.

My crew is pretty good as they will grab 10 minutes to eat if we are slow and they know when to get back to work. So they rarely break out. I guess that is just the benefit of having a veteran crew.

we do unlimited free fountain and one ‘Meal’ per shift.that could be a sandwich with fries or some pizza. It never really gets abused except for the fountain. “Clunkers” we used to call left around beers in my younger days. as long as it’s busy I let some things go as the crew does work hard. I don’t like food going home though. Unless the person didn’t eat during shift then it’s no problem. Bottled drinks for free are a big No No.
i don’t really discount for employees when they’re off the clock though.