Employee handbook???

anybody do this and if so could maybe I get some suggestions on how much info should go into it and some Ideas on how to go about writing one??? thanks!!!

Writing it from scratch is a major undertaking. What I did was take someone else’s, scanned it into MS Word, and made all the appropriate changes - did it in one day. I’d send it to you, but unfortunately, the file was on an old hard drive which crashed with no back up. Another option would be to google “employee handbook boilerplate” - you’ll find a lot of options of varying expense

Send me your email addy and I’ll send one to you.

If anyone has a digital one they would share I’d love to get my hands on one too… thepizzaguy@live.com is my email

we have a decent one that we are constantly updating in ms word
pm me if someone would like a copy

thank you!!! I pm’d you both, I was really dreading trying to do it from scratch!!! thanks so much,

Would anyone be kind enough to send me a copy?