employee issue - should I worry

I just hired a young man to be a delivery driver for me. He has been okay so far (been with us a little over a month). I found out today his girlfriend is the manager for my direct (and shrewd) competition. Do I need to be concerned and should I say anything to this young man? Thanks for any input!

Have you ever heard of the fox guarding the hen house?

Rest assured that nothing you do will go unnoticed and unsaid to his girlfriend. Of course you can also coax info out of him also.

Just be sure if you terminate him you cover your behind. However, if he is a good employee and does not have access to infrastructure there should be no worries. He comes in and delivers and does his job that’s what you pay for.

yeah…i dont know about that. why doesn’t he work for his girlfriend? i would keep him out of the loop for sure. and make sure hes not doing things to help your competition while hes out on delivery like sneaking in advertisements or talking bad about your place to help his girlfriends place. i have a few loyal drivers that work for me work for other places and they always drop our flyers to the big spenders of the other place. make sure he doesnt do that to you.