Employee problems, need opinions please

Have two cooks (A&B). Both seemed to work together good until 2 weeks ago. Both A&B have told me individually that they do not want to work with each other. Last week I did not schedule them to work together.
Should I sit them down and just tell them that they need to work together occasionally. I am trying to run a business here not a daycare. What do you think?

I tend to keep employees that dont work together well apart if possible but I also tell them that if they cant work together then they need to go find different jobs. I explain that they will not always get along with everyone all the time and that is part of life, I sit them down together and let them know that when they do work together they must respect each other.

sit them down and talk to them, find out what happened. There has to be something that caused this. Tell them that they will have to work together on occasion, that they need to work it out as adults and professionals.

I’ve never been one to go out of my way to try and not schedule people together. I’ve worked in some bad areas in NY and Allentown, PA where I thought workers would kill each other. Even there I told them to work out any problems and if someone acted up they would not be part of our team.
Heck, half the time they’d be good friends by the end of the week. I am a firm believer in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Anyone that complains, bitches, spreads rumors or tries to start trouble is not welcomed here. Once you get everyone to buy into it, they enjoy working more and will actually help you enforce such policies to keep an enviorment everyone can enjoy.

That’s what I tell them.

Thanks for all the input. I will sit them down this week.

Fire them both for their behavior.

I am on a “swap lot” with my mobile pizzeria and we have some characters that come to camp and vend…most get along fine and tolerate each other…when they fight, the lot manager kicks them both off the lot, no questions asked…
needless to say, we have one of the better run lots, people get along good,