Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software? Any recommendations?

Has anyone used the Point of Success Employee Scheduling software?


I use it with great success. I like that you can make a schedule and copy it from week to week either with the jobs assigned to the same employees or just the positions. I don’t recall the price but well worth what ever it was.

We’ve used it since day one. I can’t compare it to anything else because it’s my one and only. It is super easy to use, prints out easy to read schedules and I’ve found no complaints to it.

Yes, and I love it. It probably paid for itself the first week we used it.

The only thing I’m hoping to see in a future release is some sort of connection with Time Clock so POS will stop early clock-ins. But for now, I wrote a report that gives me notice of any early clock-ins and we try to manage it manually with employees.

Agree with Piper (are you reading this Jeff Ward?) linking with the time clock to prohibit early clock in by say more than 10 minutes, or more our problem, auto-clocking an employee out at the marked time. We have a few who can’t seem to remember to punch out at night. It’s a very easy to correct error, but still if we’re dreaming why not ask for it?

Thank you for the suggestion! I confirmed that it is on our list.

Jeff, have you noticed your website is redirecting to airfilters.com today?

Yes I have. GoDaddy migrated our hosting account to a new server. This may also have some relationship to their massive failures from earlier this week. Standing by for a fix!