Employee sleep issue

I have 2 high school line cooks, we don’t but heads, but they make quite a few mistakes from not reading the ticket and double-checking. After talking to them, they freely admit to me of only getting a couple of hours sleep a night on a regular basis (why would you tell your boss that?) I cannot function on that amount of sleep, seems like i have zombies stumbling around the kitchen ! Anybody ask how much sleep they get on a job interview ? Never had this issue before,

Kids need to learn, unfortunately at our expense. Best thing to do is to start warning them that mistakes will eventually lead to termination. They need to understand that every time they screw something up that costs money.

One of my old drivers (both in age and no longer employed) recanted a story from when he was a teenager, told to him by his boss at the restaurant he worked for. At the end of one shift, the boss had him sweep up all the food he had dropped on the floor, then put it in a container and showed it to him. And then he said to him, see this, that would have been your raise. But you just threw it away.

Needless to say, he got very good at paying more attention to what he was doing because he wanted more money. The problem i see today, is people no longer what to get better. They think they deserve everything given to them just because.

Kinda off on a tangent but i guess it still applies.