employee uniform

Any good leads for a place to do shirt embroidery. I’m opening a small pizza shop and want employees to have a consistent look.

Check your local yellow pages. I live in a small town and there are 3 local places that will do it.

Assuming you already have a logo, I would expect it to cost about $50 to set up the embroidery file. We pay about $5.00 per shirt to have them embroidered when we do at least 25 at a time.

Since I also own a clothing store, I look for closeout deals on polo shirts or T’s and provide them to the embroiderer rather than buying them from them. I end up with a lot nicer shirts for about the same money. I use different colors that all look good. Same model, same embroidery, different colors. Looks good.

Good ideas, thanks

As well, I can definitely recommend Grant @ bull-shirts.com - they do a great job.

Would think this is a local thing and in my experience, its a pretty flaky business. Talk to other businesses and see who they recommend. Imo, its better than just picking a number in a phone book.

I came across this closeout of polo shirts today…