Employees Learning New Stations

What metrics… I dont know if thats the right word, but at what point do you consider an employee has learned a new station?

I always run into the problem of employees thinking they know a new station and deserve more money, but just because they know how to make a pizza slowly when there is no pressure doesn’t seem justified to me.

Im looking for what others use a mastery guideline any tips?

2 Friday nights. No re-fires if on pizzas/apps and then the usual suspects if on Expo: no missed QC checks, no mis-packs, forgetting items, handing out wrong/missing orders, etc.

Sometimes I’ll give them 1/2 the raise right away though. If they’re already in our operation and have presumably ‘mastered’ some other station and are willing to learn another, I view it as an investment. Cross trained employees are worth their weight in gold especially when they’re involved in Prep.

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Excellent, thank you