Employees talk about wages

So this has been an on going discussion for many yrs, as a rule you dont discuss your hrly wages and or benefits with your co-workers. This has been a rule i was always taught and was always told by any employer i have worked for in the past. Whats your thoughts?? I cant get it through one of my employees head that you just dont do it. Their response to me is yes you do, you talk to your co-workers and compare what each is making… I tried to explain NO as it creates animosity amongst each other.
NOW b4 anyone makes a rude comment, I do pay my employees very fair wages and all are within a buck or two of each other, as well as tips split between them so they make well above minimum wage. I do pay a higher wage to the most experienced and the most yrs on the job. Just have this 1 young buck who thinks they should make more just because they think their job duty is the hardest, at which in my opinion is no more stress and hard than 2 other positions. And really irritates me that they discuss hrly pay with each other
This person has also said 1 reason they do is because 1 fast food restaurant say McDonald’s during covid was hiring and paying more than someone who was there say 3 yrs and making less hourly

I don’t care if they talk about wages at all. Basically, for me, they all make the same hourly based on what position they have. If I had someone who has been with me a while and is a good worker then they are just a shift manager or an assistant and making more naturally. Just make some new titles for your more senior staff and say they make more because they are your senior phone greeter.

I 100% agree and have always thought the same, but we can no longer think like we used to. The laws of supply & demand have smacked us in the face and we need to approach everything in a new way otherwise our employees will not stay and new employees will not work for us. I am still trying to figure it out, but you cannot think that employees will not talk. We need to focus on what keeps them working for us and why employees want to work for you as opposed to the guy down the street.


This is an old school work mindset. In this new era of employment, we have to expect employees to discuss wages and stay competitive with the market or they will leave. What are you guys paying every position and where are you located? I’m assuming 12-13hr/start 15-17/ shift lead and 17-20/hr for a solid manager are “competitive” in the market I’m in. But curious to see what others are paying.

In Michigan and I’m paying 12 for drivers, 14 for inside, 18 for shift managers, and 25 for managers


Starting pay for cooks $18

Staring for drivers $10

Manager gets percent of sales, ends up being over $45hr

They all talk about their pay.

They only compare themselves to whom ever they feel does the least.

They all take advantage in their own way
(excessive bathroom breaks, time theft, problem telling instead of problem solving, etc)

Its what Joe Pesci said in the movie Casino, No matter how well you pay a guy, he is always going to steal a little extra for himself.

minimum wage $14 even for drivers (only servers & bartenders can get tipped minimum by law) so these guys end up making over $30/hour all day long with tips and $1 per trip reimbursement
$14 for teens washing dishes & making salads
$18 for anyone with a pulse that can throw anything in a fryer and press a button
$20+ for anyone that will consistently show up but we have to babysit
we are family run so managers, etc does not apply to us

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Pretty much sums it up. Lol

8 for kids as a training rate. As they learn more stations they get incremental increases.
Shift Runners 13
Assistant Managers 15
Managers 18
GM 22
Drivers 7.25

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So… This brings us back to the mors automation or 86ing items that don’t pull their weight. I’m on the edge of either going under or drastic change. Cant find good workers yet payroll is outrageous. All the old metrics of percent of sales for pay and food cost are hardly applicable…

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I hear you, in the last 2 months, 2 local places have “temporarily closed”. Assuming 1 isn’t coming back, too early to tell for the other, and another one has been closed all week with nothing posted online. All of these places have been looking for serious help too. It’s just crazy anymore.

I agree with everyone else. New rules for a new world (thank you COVID). Wages and tips are good at my place (not as good as Mich.). Yes they want to make as much as they can. They also want good a work environment that fulfills them. The people who want more responsibilty make more. It works well for me.