can’t run a business with them, can’t run a business with them :?

For the past 15 years my management style has always been the observer, noticing where employees have strengths and praising them, and noticing where they have weaknesses and helping to improve them. however, after a recent incident I feel that maybe I’m creating a monster in having the employees feel that they are irreplacable, unfortunately I lost a good employee, and they lost their job.

so the question being-----have you found in your years of experience in managing employees that you have had to change your techniques over the years as you bring in younger employees ( do you need to be stricter, less friendly, --less strict?)?

I’ve learnt that every employee is different and as a result I speak/interact with them in different ways to get the best results. However, I ‘treat’ them all the same when it comes to what I expect, rules, procedures etc.

A one size fits all solution doesn’t work.

In terms of am I more strict with some than others, well that depends on how they perform. If I have to ask someone 3 times to do something then they will be spoken to and treated much different than someone who gets it done straight away.