Having issues trying to find employees.What does everyone here use to find employees? Indeed, Facebook , Zip recruiter, Local Job Service Etc? Must be doing something wrong nobody is interested besides the people that need unemployment. Ugg. Where do I get started?

We boxtop now hiring flyers, use Facebook hiring ads, Indeed and offer current employees $100 for any referals that last 90 days. Each of these have brought in a few of our current staff. Marketing for employees will soon be as important as marketing for customers.

Mostly Facebook, Instagram and employee referrals.
With Facebook you really need to boost the post for the best results.

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Indeed.com has been the best source for us in a college town. Listing the wage range on the ads increases the response when it’s competitive. For example; we were getting basically no driver applications in, when we added “our best drivers make $xx - $xx/hour” we started getting at least a couple every week. We pay Indeed for placement too.

Craig’s List is also a good source of applicants. It’s like $10 -$20 for an ad, not sure if that’s for just the ad or for better placement though.

Box topppers, word of mouth, facebook ads. It’s tough right now. We just went through our busy season pretty understaffed. I don’t work in the store regularly but ended up cooking and delivering pizzas several busy nights. I have another business I work full time in as well. I didn’t get anything from a craigslist ad. I think FB has mostly replaced it with marketplace.

best $2 I ever spent was an old-school orange & black HELP WANTED sign that is ALWAYS in our front window. We have a file of applications on hand whenever a position opens up instead of waiting for employees to leave. When asked if we are hiring we tell people we are always taking applications