Ending a Cintas contract

Why does he have a key? If it’s because you aren’t open when they deliver then you can argue that you no longer feel comfortable leaving them a key after what just happened. You don’t want them coming in on a day they are not expected and take something without leaving a note (stealing). Ask for your key back tell them you will be changing your alarm code. Give them your hours of operations or hours when you can except deliveries. If they can’t meet your needs then they can no longer provide you service and they would have to cancel your contract.

With a history of different people having had access to your premises over a long period of time, I would simply change the lock and not give them a key.

What is the supposed penalty for canceling the contract? How long was the original contract for? How long has it been? I don’t put a lot of weight on those kinds of contracts. If they ever want to be considered again, they need to be reasonable on exit.

No one in their right mind would ever consider one of these companies again - never, never, never.

You have a better chance of getting struck by lightening that getting out of one of these contracts. “Reasonable” is not part of their business model.

That was not my experience although they certainly want you to think so. I also found that those companies will do business without a contact once they understand that is the only way you will buy from them.

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I’ve been a Cintas customer for years now. I also was never happy with the service I get either. I’ve read the contract many times over and over and the only way out is by sending a certified letter to the general manager of your area. Keep doing this when you aren’t happy with something that happens. Once all these things are documented, you have enough to dump them. The contract states that if your aren’t satisfied and they don’t correct it, then you can bolt.

If you want out of the contract now , your on the hook for 50% of your average invoice for the remainder of the contract. For example , if your bi weekly invoice is $250, then your on the hook for $125 x 26 weeks left on contract. It can be very expensive.

What I would do , would immediately send a certified letter to the general manager about him taking product out and using it elsewhere. (He may get fired).

Also, another way out is to slowly start dropping services from them and getting your invoice amounts down and getting it elsewhere.

Pm me if you need a sample letter to send them. I’ve done it enough.

Also, be prepared for them to drop their prices if they get wind your thinking of leaving. I did this and got what I wanted .

I may be way off base here but in my eyes when someone remove items from my property without expressed permission it is theft. Furthermore entering a locked establishment without permission is trespassing. These “crimes” were committed by a person who was in a position of trust. The question is does this negate the validity of the contract?

  1. Certified letter with complaints. Hey, they may fix things! Give them the chance.
  2. Change locks. Do not give them a key. “Due to your employee’s unauthorized entry to our property and removal of items without permission we are no longer comfortable with access other than during hours we are open for business.”
  3. Cut back on services.
  4. Rescind authorization to pay by credit card if that is how you do it. Pay by check on bulletin board.

There may well be a penalty in the contract, but they have to sue you to get it which they won’t. This is exactly the cycle of threats I went through 13-14 years ago with American Linen. We broke the contract. Now all these years later, we are back with them again… but without any contract. We shop the prices from time to time and they roll back most of the increases they try to put in place.

Ahh Cinta’s How I do not miss them. They have to be one of the most crooked companies out there, I signed up with them several years back without any knowledge of what I was getting into. They would keep billing me for services they were not providing…air fresheners in men and women’s bathroom (we only had one bathroom) Cashing checks and almost half were not showing up on my account then charging huge late penalties. When i told them the driver wrote the check number on each invoice he tried to say well “you could have written that” I told him I wanted a printed statement and he faxed over with a very threatening un-professional letter. I then printed copies of all the checks that they had CASHED (at a cost to me from my bank) and I get another nasty call stating that these are not on my account and that I am committing bank fraud and that if its not paid in full then he is calling the police and then suing me. :eek:. He then referred the case to a collection agency who would call and tie up the phone line all day screaming at the employees. They told me they were going to have the police come out and arrest me. It just so happens that the police chief was having lunch at our restaurant. I told the caller that he needed to stop calling and that the debit is not valid and i would report him if he continued. I of course knew he would not stop so I hung up I went and told the chief, and he said that they probably would not call back but if he did to have him talk to them. Well don’t ya know he called back and I went right into screaming and i told them Hold on I agree…He stopped dead in his tracks…I said I agree this needs to be resolved can you hold one minute. I got the police chief on the line and those two really really get in a heated argument. He finally hung up and told me not to worry that to tell the guy when he calls back that the issue will be resolved in 1 hour. So He calls and tells me I have one hour THAT’S it. well hour comes and goes and he never called back. Several days later I asked the chief what happened and he told me he drove to the town the guy was operating in (with that local sheriff as well) and had a discussion. Well about 3 months later I get a letter from another collection agency. I write them back and tell them the debit is not valid. I get several calls and I just kept telling them I would like to work this out in court.
So we finally have our day in court. I can not tell you how shell shocked the attorney was (he represented the collection agency) I actually got damages that of course never have been paid. Long way around saying F those guys


We’ve been with aramark for 5 years, I dropped them 2 months in, they threatened, and I showed them the absolute garbage that I was getting for towels and aprons and it was quickly resolved.
An employee of mine had unknowingly signed a contract through some underhanded misrepresentation by the sales person.
They treat me right, but know they will be gone of they upset me again.

We worked with Aramark when we took over each of our stores (a carryout and then the pizza shop) but apparently were never under a contract. Either that or it was voided when we took over because we canceled a short time into each with no problem. We evaluated for a couple months at each one and decided that we could do the services ourselves more cheaply. The rep just gathered their stuff and took it with him. I made sure to get his card and told him I would call him if we changed our minds. Couldn’t have been more friendly for us.

Please can you send me a sample of the that letter I’m having a problem with contras right now


Had issues with my Cintas too so I bailed and went to Aramark. Better rate and consistent service, at least where I am. Other areas could be different.

Cintas recently switched out all there chemicals for cheaper stuff, that clogs all the systems up. I am about done with them. Does Aramark do chems also or just towls and aprons ?

I get aprons and towels from cintas, along with 2 mats for the lobby, 39.53 a week which is as close as I could get to their minimum.

Cintas is trying to get me on board now as well. Keep coming in and wanting to sit down. So finally I sat down gave them a couple of my invoices with the company that I am using now. We scheduled a time to sit down again. They told me that I would save money I told them that I would need to review it, they told me that there is a 3 year contract and I told them that I am no longer interested. Then they went to two years then to 1.5 years and I told them again i will not sign any long term contract with any vendor ever again. I was burned when I first opened with a marketing company and if the contract doesn’t state a way to get out or that there will be a charge to quit then I definitely stay away. The way I see it is if your product is good and your service is good there is no reason I should need to have a contract for 3 years. Then they tell you if the product or service isn’t any good and I was unhappy that of course they would let me out of the contract, but of course they always need you to sign it anyway. I explain to every vendor my reason for not signing long term contracts some are confident about their product and service and agree to do business without one and some say they can’t so I say I can’t as well.

can you send this sample letter to me as well, I am new and it won’t let me PM anyone yet

In the meantime, try lowering your services down to the minimum. After a while, you will have a new baseline of business and your “50% remaining clause” might be calculated at that new baseline.