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Hey Guys,

I’m opening a new pizza place and would like to know where to get an equipment and cost list for an average pizza set up. My budget is around $70,000 and I don’t mind buying used equipment. Any help would be appreciated.


Is your total budget is $70K? or is that just your equipment budget?

What type of operation are you planning on opening? Is leasing equipment an option for you?

You would need to provide some more info to get a good detailed answer. What volume are you expecting? Menu items? Peak business requirements, dine-in or delivery or both?.. among others.

If 70K is your equipment budget for used equipment, you are probably in good shape. If that is your build-out too it will be be tight unless you are doing a shoestring store. If that is your total budget, you should take a long hard look at your plans before you do anything else.

Direct your querry to George Mills, That question should be right up his alley.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

As everyone has noted, your “equipment cost” can vary dramatically. Very often, the most expensive piece of “equipment” is the hood. Around here, a type i hood new and installed is quoted at $2000/foot. That adds up real quick.

Assuming you are NOT counting the hood, here are some real basic low gray-market numbers for the most basic equipment. (Obviously, these will vary tremendously):

  1. Oven. Single deck ovens can be had for $1500 with some shopping. Double stacks for $2500. This takes some shopping. Conveyor ovens range from $1500 up (I haven’t shopped to hard for conveyors as I don’t use them).
  2. Mixers - 60 Quart Hobarts are out there for $2500. Check out local government auctions as every school has one of these. They replace them every 15-20 years and they are typically very good about maintenance. An 80 qt can be had for $3000.
  3. Prep tables - this depends tremendously on the size. Small ones (like sandwich preps) are out there for $350, while larger, more typical ones can be had for $1200.
  4. Walk-ins - You should be able to find an 8x10 walk-infor $2000-$2500 with some shopping. Most walk-ins are modular. Look for one with a floor to save money on cooling…
  5. Sheeter - Older double pass sheeters can be had regularly for $1000.00. Probably less if you really looked.
  6. Smallwares - this is where auctioning can really pay off. BUT, you need to learn the correct price for these items. I got a Winco catalog from an independent consultant. My price was 50% of the catalog price. I carried this thing with me to auctions like it was a bible. It really helped me save money on smallwares. In the end, I ended up spending less than $1700 on smallwares from the catalog because of all my auction goodies. In particular, look for pizza trays (and pans if you use them). They are outrageous to purchase new.

I’m a believer in the gray market. Because of the economy and because of the nature of the restaurant business, there are so many great deals to be had. Of course you will inherit some headaches and problems buying used. But, in my limited experience (one time opening a restaurant), it’s been worth it overall. However, it is a lot of work. You must scour the auctions and websites every day. You must get a working feel for the market price for products. Some people are not willing to put the time into it and thus get frustrated by the process. I enjoyed it.

Good luck in your venture and, I’m certain that if you post more information you’ll get a better response.

Direct your query to George Mills, That question should be right up his alley.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom: You are correct I am happy to provide any information need to anyone at no charge.

Hi Pcuezze

You are correct there is a ton of stuff out there.

My observation would be. There are several hundred equipment reconditioners who would be happy to get a hold of equipment at the prices you mention. I would be inclined to think that the units in question are not considered worth the price by those that know equipment best or the item would be snapped up by one of them for reconditioning

I would be inclined to pay more get a properly reconditioned unit with a reconditioners warranty.

For instance listed below is what a reconditioner, we often use, does to a conveyor oven before they offer it for resale. Consider you may have to do this your self or hire a service company to do it to a used unit you pick up .
Ovens are dismantled and cleaned galvanized or other non stainless steel parts have all rust removed and are painted with special high tem paint

Insulation is replaced with new. (Old insulation is often of little value and waists a lot of heat out into the Kitchen)

All electrical components are replaced with new

Digital speed control is installed

Digital temperature control replaced with new or rebuilt

All new wiring run ( after a few years of operating in extreme heat wiring becomes so brittle that often simply touching causes breakage).

Fans replaced with either new or re-balanced fans

New burn tube is installed

New electronic gas valve installed

New electronic pilot valve installed

All new gas plumbing is run ( old rust ravaged piping is dangerous)

New DC motor installed

Ovens are test baked by their technicians

George Mills

My #1 advice would be this… first step.

Go to Craiglist! Wherever you live, go to that Craigslist page:

Then on the left they have a search engine.

Write in - Restaurant Equipment

Click on the For Sale section and then search!

I have found soooo many great deals, complete steals on equipment, most of your stuff will be from $500 -$1500. Ive seen cheaper and a couple bucks more, most of those guys are just looking to dump their stuff because their restaurant probably failed.

Try different searches in the search too… Ovens, Fryers, etc. Because sometimes things dont always come up on the generic Restaurant Equipment search.

Good Luck

Look for restaurant auctions in your area. I have gotten so many great deals at auctions Here’s a few:

3 Frymaster fryers: $30 (I have bought many fryers at auctions, most of them just to resell ,and the highest I’ve ever paid for a fryer was $100.)

3 Digital fryers with hood/french fry holding unit from McDonalds: $175
Stainless steel commercial double door refrigerator: $200
2 Lincoln Impinger II conveyor ovens: $500
10’x8’ Walk in cooler with compressor and evaporator: $600
Exhaust Fan for roof: $10
3 Bay Sink: $50
8’ Refrigerated pizza prep unit: $200

These are just a few of the better deals that I can remember. A lot of of good deals can be found on Ebay as well. Look for auctions that end early in the morning, late at night, or on holidays. I won an auction for a 60 qt mixer a few years ago. The auction ended late afternoon on the 4th of July. I was the only person to bid on it and got if for $250. Also make sure you don’t bid early on anything. Wait until the last few seconds to bid, so no one else has a chance to counter bid.

There are a lot of great deals out there. As long as you have time and patience you can save a lot of money.