equipment financing

anybody use a finance company to get equipment i need a couple of ovens real bad and my credit ain’t so great stores are maikingmoney just been working as cash basis company

had some trouble 8yrs ago filed bankruptcy and now trying to get some help to build back up but need some help with ovens


Write Jason from IRH Capital at 707 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 310. Northbrook, IL 60062. Sorry I don’t have a phone number off hand. He helped us finance some of our equipment.

what kind of ovens do u have now?

mm js250 and an original eflow oven both are still working but need to upgrade would like to get some xlt’s they look great and cost effective

marlin leasing

Have u tried going to an auction? I have found UNBELIEVEABLE deals at the auction. If you go to previewing you can even test the equipment before you start bidding.

Try michael Wissink at Paramount. Good guy.