Equipment for sale

Not pizza specific…

  1. 10’ Triple pot sink with drain boards on each side and shelf under each drain board. $1,600.00 OBO

  2. Quest 6’ S.S. Table with backsplash and shelf underneath. $200.00 OBO

  3. Quest 6’ S.S. Table with 3/4 backsplash, drawer and shelf underneath. $250.00 OBO

  4. Phase Shifter - Converts single phase power outlet to 3-phase. $475.00 OBO

  5. Cleveland 12 Gal. Tilting Steam Kettle, 3 phase, comes with S.S. stand $2200.00 OBO

I think it is in Nanaimo BC…Not mine but I can pass along your contact information if you are interested…

Do you have the numbers on the 3-phase generator? Is it a rotary generator, or a sinewave generator?
I want to swap my hood motor to a variable speed unit, and if that unit will work for me, it’ll be cheaper than running 3-phase from my breaker box

Not my stuff…Just saw it posted on another board I am on… Aunt Penny 250-751-2313 is who is selling it…