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We are buying outdoor cooler and freezer. Anyone have suggestion on brands and where to buy them from?

So far I keep seeing norlake, any comments on that brand?

Also any pros or cons on doing an outdoor combination walk in/ freezer? Any help would be appreciated.

I have heard good things about Norlake here in Tucson, and I will probably go with their box in my new place. The main pro of an outdoor box is that you save a ton of your expensive indoor floor space. A major con is that your box is now subject to the exposure of the outdoors. If you have a hot summer it could be costly in utilities. I would think it could be a target for a break-in as well unless you secure it well. If they get into the walk-in they of course have access to your store as well. They are not exactly pretty either. You could maybe fence or wall it in and shade it to solve some of the problems above. Good luck.

David McGuire

I’ve got an 8x10 Norlake outdoor walk-in. It costed $5900 with the 1 1/2 HP motor and the cover for the top (installed). It works great at keeping the temperature between 35F and 38F. Every now and then on super hot days I’ll see the temperature rise to 41F, but overall it stays pretty consistent. I do have a problem with it and I’ve seen this happen on more than one:

It leaks. Where the air flows into the walk in from the grill at the top. I’m not sure if this is a design flaw or an installation error, but this problem is happening in more than one that I know of.

Other than that, holds temperature VERY well. Also, it does have a lock on the handle so you won’t have to worry too much about break ins (though it’s outside and you’re always subject to something like that). Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

thanks for the help

thanks for the help.

Re: thanks for the help

I’d try helpful and seem to have the lowest prices around and decent equipment.

Find a local equipment dealer in your area and get at least 3 prices from 3 different manufactures. The dealer should be able to make sure you get the right configuration, ie, floor no floor, outdoor, indoor remote, self contained, foamed in place, slab box, etc.