Equipment Question

We have an opportunity to buy a sheeter and wondered if anyone has experience with one like it?

IMG_65001.jpg Sorry, no brand on it anywhere…

Looks like it will need new rollers . I would not recommend.
George Mills

Thanks for the feedback…

They sold pies on the Titanic?

That things gross!

Does your specific type of pizza lend itself to the characteristics imparted by a dough sheeter? I wrote an article on this very topic, comparing the finished crust characteristics when the dough was opened into skins using the different methods (sheeting, pressing, tossing (hand) and I may have even discussed the combination method which we used for training purposes where the dough is partially opened to size using the dough sheeter (about 2-inches less than finished diameter) and then finished opening to full diameter by hand tossing. The results are very good with much of the hand opened crumb structure characteristics but without the uneven spots across the skin and it is fast and easy to learn too, that’s why we developed the procedure for our “newbe” students.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Is it free?

This looks suspiciously like the home clothes wringer that Edison was working on … shredded clothes like a machete. He later changed his marketing scheme for it and sold thousands for boat anchors … do you have a boat?

Could it be used??? Yes, it can be restored to working condition that will probably pass muster with your local health inspector.

  1. Remove rollers and have them turned on a lathe at a machine shop…this is a pretty common procedure.
  2. While the rollers are off might as well replace the bearings as you reassemble it.
  3. While things are apart have the entire frame and blasted and then bead blasted…DO NOT PAINT IT. If you must paint it make sure you do so with the CORRECT type of paint and that it has the blessing of your local health inspector.
  4. Owing to the age of the machine re-do the electricals at the same time. You will probably need to bring it up to some level of OSHA criteria with an emergency stop button at the very least.
    The question is…is it worth it?
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor