Equipment to record phone calls

Anyone know of any system or equipment that you can purchase to record the phonecalls in your store? I’m getting frustrated with people calling and saying that the employees were rude, or they didnt get their order right, then the employing telling me that the customer was cussing at them or told them something completly different from what they put on the order. If an employee is being rude or is not capable of taking an order correctly, I want to be sure before taking the appropriate action, and I know that sometimes the customer can be the problem.


Here is an example of what you get when you google “telephone recording”

We use something like that here at PMQ actually. Just recently, we put into place a “Call Logger”. It gives us the capability to record both ends of a conversation over the phone by recording through a computer or any device, such as a tape recorder or mini disc, or even a digital recorder, which come pretty cheap. The company is called Digital logger and the website address is . I believe the system we have costs around $80–the “personal logger” from "digital Loggers, INC.

We have posted here for a while, and you have some pretty odball ideas, but think about this: If you prove your customers wrong who is the winner?


You both lose. Your ex-customer will order from someone else when all it would have taken is a free order of bread stix or comping their pizza at the worst. Who cares if you get bit**ed at for a few minutes. They are money in the bank over the long run.

On the flip side, do you really want to know if your staff is being rude when you aren’t around? I bet my definition of rude is different than yours. You might just find better results firing everyone and doing everything yourself. We could argue this tangent till the fat lady sings, but this is the case training will take care of most of your problems.

I would either go with your gut feeling, which I personally think is correct, or with the “Double Secret Probation” for your staff and take the CIA approach. I personally dont have the time to run through 8 hours of phone calls a day, and even if I did I would make more money doing door-to-door flier delivery than I would looking into the few bad orders that happen every year.

I’m not saying throwing the tape in someone’s face is going to solve anything, but it sounds like it could be handy for training purposes. You could cut and paste the phone calls apart and show good calls and bad calls, etc… and having the staff know that it is possible for you to hear what they are saying may be all that is needed to adjust a few attitudes.

That is very true. I don’t think it would harm a thing–especially if there MAY be a problem with some employees back talking customers or accusing CUSTOMERS of lying. A recorder will act as a watchful eye and will most likely lend to helping the situation.

Customers don’t usually complain just to complain. There is usually some reason behind it, normally some truth.


Sorry for the confusion. I’m not wanting to actually prove the customer wrong, as much as to make sure that either the employee isnt getting wrongfully accused of being rude when they did handle the phone call correctly. I realize that it wouldnt do any good to prove the customer wrong, But I know of one such instance, when I was personally training a new employee on the phones and the customer called back to complain that the employee was being rude to her on the phone. The customer was mad that they couldnt use 2 coupons on the same pizza, but I was standing right next to the girl, and heard the conversation, and knew that she wasnt being rude or short with the customer. When the lady called back to talk to me to complain about 5 min after her first call, I just apologized to her and told her the employee would be reprimanded for being rude and possibly fired (the employee wasnt reprimanded or fired). This made the customer happy, and she went ahead and ordered a pizza using only one coupon.
I’ve got construction starting in about 5 weeks on a third store, and im just looking at any options available that could improve service and make my job more efficient and easier. And, if I do need to fire someone for being rude on the phones, I would feel better about having a recording on file so I know 100 percent that the employees termination was appropriate.


Once again… I think that proper training will address this issue. You will never please everyone all of the time, but training your staff to be courtious, patient and customer service oriented will overcome and diffuse most situations like you mentioned. Also, let your employees know that you trust their judgement and believe in them until proven otherwise… scare tactics only breed contempt. Recording the conversations will be very time consuming and you may even be liable for disclosing this to all parties… privacy being what it is these days. Just train your people in the best way to handle these situiations and you’ll be fine.

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