ERP for Pizza


Been awhile since I have posted. Out of curiosity I am writing this to see if others are dealing with similar problems, thoughts or aspirations.

We just opened our fourth location. Technology has changed dramatically in the last 10 years that we have been in the pizza business. We currently use Point of Success, Gloria Foods online ordering, local accounting software and lots of Google sheets. We also are testing local third party delivery app/ service.

We started an ERP project using open source software that is web based or installed locally. Just need a web browser to take an order. Our current MVP goal is to replace our current POS and accounting system without losing functionality in all four stores and centralize the CRM.

Our vision, we believe running a business on values is paramount. Financial profit isn’t our main goal and only seen as the results of doing a good job in our 4 bottom lines. Social, environmental, financial and (spiritual-ethics-purpose-culture-compassion-love). As we know from our ten years of experience managing, quantifying and making decisions based on the details of a local pizza shop is daunting enough let alone values. For many years we have been looking for a better solution to grow our vision.

We believe this project is bigger than our own little pizza business and could potentially help thousands of not millions of similar SME’s worldwide.

If anyone here has a similar vision and would like to collaborate, pm me.

What are the reasons your looking to replace the POS? Just wondering.

SO many reasons. Are you familiar with ERP?