ERTC 941 refund

Had MRLA stop in this week, even though I already applied for mine, he did inform me that they extended the program for another 2 yrs as alot of businesses still have not applied. Trying to get the word out to apply, its free money the IRS is trying to give back from your 941. They did change the rules last year, so if your accountant tells you that you dont qualify because you was open and made more money, you seriously need to reapply, talk to MRLA or someone in your area. I qualified because of 2 questions

  1. My business had social distancing
  2. My lobby was closed
    It was easy to apply I used ADESSO thru the MRLA. ADESSO does all the work and even provides all the backing incase the IRS wants to audit
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Upfront? As far as I can tell all is involved is an amended payroll tax return that your accountant can do. All these companies out here gouging people for a money grab.
I am not sure what MRLA is but I received my ERTC almost a year and a half ago. If your accountant did not inform you of this, I would seriously consider firing them!


10% cut seems like alot to me but its better than nothing just do not like the smell of upfront…good luck

Can you give us and idea of how many employees you had and what kind of refund you got back?

its not an apples to apples question since tips are included. I know many who have gotten more from ERTC than PPP if that gives you an idea although ERTC is taxable