right now I use FULL RED, can anyone tell me if Escalon makes something comparable?
Isnt escalon the company that bags their sauce?

they make a concentrated crushed that is just like the full red that i use now i dont believe it comes in a bag though

I believe they can as well, but they use a little more heat and more time instead of citric acid like stanislaus does. Check out and I am sure you will find a comparable product.

hello red,why are you changing? Full red is an excellent sauce especially if combined w/ 7/11.


well to tell the truth its not the best reason,
BUT going through my many ideas from the expo. One thing was to be discriptive. and I remember one of the speakers talked about there sauce showing all the seasoning added to his sauce and a bag suger with PJs name on it
anyway I wanted to say something like freash sauce Not from a can like our competitor…but I do like the flavor so it would have to be very good
and I thought that escalon was sold in bags

In what way is it fresh just because its in a bag and not from a can???

Many producers are starting to bag items which they previous canned as the cost of the cans increasing more than the costs of plastics - it doesn’t however mean they are fresh!!!

By all means advertise fresh but only if your using fresh products.

advertise freshly made sauce…always use “fresh pack” tomatoes such as those from Stanislaus & Eschalon…

The bag products really aren’t any different than the canned products…Sysco carries a good bagged produck, I just can’t think of the name…

The price tho is still higher than a canned product…

Roma has a nice “prepared” pizza sauce that we blend with additional spices, crushed tomatoes & tomato sauce, instead of H20…makes for a richer tasting/color sauce…

Remember, folks like Roma/Sysco generally don’t make their own sauces, but have folks like Stanislaus/Eschalon pack it for them, with their spice ratios, so you can find a comparable product

Exactly. Periodically, they bid out their propietary lables to best bidders. They sometimes get great manufacturers getting their labelled products to them. Sometimes, the product changes drastically and messes up the works . . . happened to me once at Sysco. The rep thought I was stupid and did not admit they had a new contractor for that product. It happens throughout the industry.

Sometimes you hit upon a really, really good product under the house label.