Estella Spiral Mixer

I’m thinking of upgrading to a spiral mixer and saw the Estella SM60 is only about $2800. Anyone have any feedback on this machine? Also is it hard to find parts/technicians to work on it? Just trying to do my due diligence. If you don’t think this is a good machine, any recommendations on a better spiral mixer? Thanks all

Did you ever purchase this? I am also looking for a mid-sized (50 lb flour) spiral mixer, please share your experience thanks

Ive been using this one for a few years now, its a beast. I mix 1-2 batches daily. My hydration is about 58% and each batch uses 50# bag. Mecnosud Spiral Dough Mixer - The Bread Stone Ovens Company

We have used one for 8 months, no issues at all.

Well worth the money so far.

sound good thanks

Roy Ramon

I just purchased a used IM44A DUS Spiral Dough Mixer and was able to mix a full (50lb) bag of flour however it was tricky in the beginning since flour goes all the way to the top rim, do you have any tricks or suggestions to make this easier and more efficient? Also I am mixing for 2 min on speed 1 then add the oil and finish for 8 min on speed 2, what do you think about that process? Thanks

I put all of the liquids in first, while the machine is on I add the 50 pound bag. I only have one speed. My process is simple, i add liquids, yeast, flour, once its semi mixed about 4 mins i spread the salt then mix until done, about 6 more mins for me

Thanks, do you mix without the wire cage safety installed?

We do, we just pour the flour through the cage while its running, flour should go through without issue

Thanks, I’ll test it out

Roy Ramon