EV Olive Oil vs. Blended oil?

I currently baste the bottom of dough trays and dough balls with EVOO…with the high expense of this product, is it necessary to continue to use it or can I substitute blended (80/20) oil…dont want to sacrifice flavor or finished product. would like opinion from some who have been it longer than me.


I have used Olive Pomace oil in that situation half the cost and can tell no difference what so ever.

Pomace is a good substitute when you are going to cook it anyway. We use it on our white pies. For the doughballs in the trays we use vegetable oil.

We grease our pans and dough trays with vegetable oil. Used to use pure olive oil for greasing but switched after we figured out that no one could tell the difference - even when taste tested side-by-side. It just didn’t contribute/deduct any noticeable flavor.

Last week I made a batch of Big Dave’s Old Faithful and now I’m wondering why I use olive oil in the dough as well… after 13 years I’m too afraid to do that taste test though.

Pomace oil is perfect for this application. We even take it a step further and make our own 80/20 blend with it made from 20% pomace oil and 80% canola oil. If cost is an issue, you can also go to 100% canola or some other vegetable oil on the dough balls.On a secondary note, we have found that the dough balls skate around way too much if we put oil in the dough boxes (large plastic, not individual). This can create a situation where if we are not extremely careful when handling the dough boxes, we can end up with all of the dough balls huddled at one end of a box, creating one large dough ball on the following day. We feel that it is better to not oil the box itself, but instead put the dough balls into a dry box, then wipe oil over the tops of the dough balls. A plastic scraper works wel for removing the dough balls from the box.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We also do not oil the trays. It sure makes dishwashing eaier when you do not!

You bet! with just a little luck, and the hard plastic scrapers, like those from WRH Plastics (same people who make thew WRH dough boxes) we can usually get away with just scraping the dough out of the boxes and not cleaning every day. Even hard, crusted dough scraps are easily scraped from the boxes. Anything to save on labor I’m all for.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

And olive oil does NOTHING for the flavor of the plastic dough boxes :shock: If we don’t eat it, it doesn’t rust and it doesn’t squeak . . . we don’t oil it.

Well put. I like your philosophy.
Plain and simple.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We just spray our trays with a little pam…we also wash our trays everynight anyway so no oil build up.

The chain restaurants typically use a dishwater/vegetable oil mix for their deep pans. :wink: