Evaluating different POS software

It looks like I might be in for the ride of my life and actually opening a full-service restaurant. The stars aren’t in alignment yet, but they appear to be moving closer to the alignment I need :).

Of course, I looked here for POS suggestions, but being a software support guy by trade, I had to do my research and checked out the open-source community. As you might expect, there wasn’t a lot of promising options. One that looked like it might be worth investigating was Floreant. Mind you, I didn’t INSTALL anything, just browsing the site. I came across this http://floreantpos.com/commercial-support. Great, free software, but if you want any real level of support, you pay for it by the year. $999 for a 24-hour response time guarantee and remote assistance. Needless to say, I’m finished with looking at them as an option.

Point of Success is on my short-list (as in, gets installed and looked at). $599 isn’t “free”, but it’s the premium version and $200 for each additional station. The one negative is the “add-on” features which also come at a price, specifically the inventory module at $399. Their unlimited support fee is $249 per 6 months, and drops to $199 every six months if you stay under support contract. My “assumption” is that I own the license “forever” and can pay a little more up-front, but never have to upgrade unless there is an underlying need.

Does anyone care to offer something else I should look at in the same general price point?

I want table management (track seating, turnover, etc), inventory tracking, and more reports than would seem humanly possible. I would love to have it do payroll as well. It must handle credit card payments (although it doesn’t have to be “integrated” with a payment provider), split tickets, all the “normal” stuff a full service restaurant should expect to get hit with.

Thanks for any suggestions you have.