Evaporator coil on a True prep table

Does anybody know how to get to the evaporator coil on a True prep table? I’m decently versed in refrigeration but I can’t figure this one out. The placard next to the fan says “Do not operate with evaporator cover removed” but the only thing that appears to have screws is the fan cover. I assume the evaporator is directly behind that. Does the fan have to be removed too?

I got at mine through the cabinet. Just below the bin inserts in the back, there are probably screws that you take out and the cover lifts off. Think a vertical radiator inside the back wall. There is where I found the one on my older unit, possibly same arrangement on yours.

Hi Piper:

Nick is correct you access the evaporator through the cabinet.

George Mills

I’ll have to pull mine apart in there, we are getting a lot of condensation collecting in the bottom of the table, I assume the drip pan drain is clogged but do not see it anywhere.

Could also be the refridgerant is low and the unit is running too much to hold temp inside and is too cold in the bins up top as a result. Are you seeing any freezing in the bottoms of your pans?

Thanks all. I ended up getting to it from inside the cabinet as recommended. There are clear plastic thumb screws that I didn’t even notice - those are what released the cover.