Ever done a soda/pop "jug" refill promo?

Did a topic search but came up empty, was wondering if anyone that does pop/soda “fountain” service at their shops had ever considered doing a “refill jug” promo. I’m thinking of pricing those 1/2 gal cooler jugs that one could have imprinted with their message on the exterior, doing a “buy the jug for $X.XX and we’ll refill it for a buck with purchase” deals. I don’t know the numbers yet on costs and such, but thinking there has to be value in getting my name out to the ball games, the park, the church pot-lucks etc. that a family might use a cooler jug such as this.

I know a while back there was some excellent advise about the use of heavy stadium cups. I agree there has to be some marketing value in getting our name on a multi-reusable cup like that. I know they’re in my cupboard and yours…and I see them on desks all over town…why not MY name?

So…anyone ran this thing before and willing to share their results?


You know what? A couple years ago I was having a meeting with our corporate headquarters about what we can do for marketing ideas. And I came up with a similar idea and it absolutely blew one of the head hanchos wig back. He absolutely loved the idea. But a couple weeks later, the owners of the store I was at decided to close up shop and I haven’t heard anything since. But anyways, my idea was to have a specialty cup printed, they buy the first one, and the insensitive was to bring it back for a free refill with the purchase of a meal anytime. I can’t remember if it was also valid for a 1 off or something, but that was basically the gist of it.

We used to run a special where we gave you the cup and if you brought it back in, you got half off on your drink. The cups were only like 12 ounce cups, and i havent seen one in forever, even though the special was only about a year ago. The bigger cups i would think would work better, especially the big insulated jugs.

If you are close to a college you can promote them as “Party Cups” and refill them free with a pickup order…Unless you are full covering delivery costs, you should still be ahead of the game…And to get things rolling you can distribute free them on campus…

Some folks will find out about sports and school tournaments and distribute them free at the event and/or give them to the booster club to sell as a fund raiser…

Cups are available in many sizes 12 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz and 32 to name a few…They last a long time and are re-used for months…

I like this idea as its more of an incentive.

From my experience, and what I have observed, the promotion of discounted refills is not very cost effective unless you are doing high volume. You will have a relatively big investment in promo cups that you will sit on for a long time. Possibly you will have to store them yourself.

If volume is not an issue I like the idea from the standpoint of people storing your cups at work and at home in the kitchen. Make the promo cup your large size so they get it no matter whether they intend to bring it back or not. Because they can re-use it they may be inclined to keep it and look at it every day.

You just have to determine whether the investment in promo cups could be better spent in other marketing means.