Everest Coolers

Anyone have any experience with Everest coolers…My pizza table isn’t going to make it once it gets hot out it’s time to start budgeting for a new cooler and Everest is about $800 more than a Avantco cooler. Everest has a 3 year warranty and Avantco only does a 1 year. and there are some negative reviews of avantco on the think tank but I couldn’t find anything about Everest…proceed.

I am not aware of those two companies and unable to find any reviews. Are they importers?
George Mills

I believe Avantco is a house brand for Webstaurant… something like that.

I have 1 avantco and a metal frio. Both look exactly the same different name. Never had a problem except the compressor went on the avantco 3 years later and covered under warranty. To be honest for the money you can’t beat them. They do struggle a bit in a high heat kitchen.

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I have an Avantco drink cooler, the thermostat died at 14 months.
I replaced my 15 year old True prep table with a Migali unit when it failed. I would have bought another True if I planned to be here longer than 4 more years. The Migali unit has worked well for us, the only complaint is that it is about 4 inches taller than the old table or any other one I have seen and people that are height challenged have difficulty reaching toppings in the back row.