Everybody ready??

It will be a busy night for pizzerias in America this evening before Thanksgiving!

Anyone do any special preparations? Or offer any special pizzas?

When we did the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in New York in 2010 we had a pizza with dried cranberries, nuts and turkey. It was pretty good! Definitely more amusing than tasty though.

Sounds festive, but I’m gonna need to pass! I am in a large cranberry producing area, and no matter what deviation of cranberries that I have tried, I have not found one that I find palatable

Monday and Tuesday nights for me have always been busier. Today will be a slow day (historically). As will Friday and Saturday.

Stocked and ready for it, Good luck everyone!

In a college town here, we’ll be closing early tonight as the streets are empty.

Tonight will be double our normal Wednesday.

Hope to have another record night. All ready up 35% just for lunch compared to last year. 4 drivers, 3 phone, 6 cooks and I’m going to the airport to catch a flight to New York City. Have a profitable holiday season.

Yep, we got rocked tonight. Started at noon when school let out and didnt stop till about an hour ago. Probably double our normal wednesday. We were ready for it though fully staffed up. Now it’s time to relax tomorrow. Happy thanksgiving holiday everyone!

Holy hell, we’re getting crushed tonight! Across the entire menu.
Lov’n every minute of it though.
I’ve got a Dozen Turkeys slowly cooking in the BBQ-pit for the employees, and they just realized that the Turkeys are for them, so everybody is a happy camper tonight!

We are at 130% of normal and it isn’t Thanksgiving here in Canada :wink:

4" of snow slowed us down. We were down about 10% from last years “Thanksgiving Eve”.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We were up 46% over last year

Not a bad Wednesday for pizza

tuesday short handed , crushed, called Val HELP ! wednesday bigger crush ! what a cool natural high , love it !

we had a great night! and stuffed ourselves with a deep fried turkey and all the fixings for staff meal!

Up a little over 50% from last year Thanksgiving eve. Best ever. No idea why except we have a lot of snow here and that brings people to town and then keeps them indoors at night…

We beat last year but not by as much as I was hoping. Still an awesome Wednesday.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving has never been that incredible for me. This year a little bump in my lower volume store, 10% extra in my bigger volume store and normal night in my Campus store. Friday was back to normal for me right away.

Mine was all delivery…had NO tables inside at all. Don’t know why all the deliveries was the warmest Thanskgiving on record here with temps in the 60s. A good Wednesday but not a record night by any means.