EVOO vs This Oil

Has any one used this for their dough, if so why, and has anyone ever heard of EVOO burning off in the pizza oven

We use this and love it.

Have you heard of EVOO burning off in the pizza oven, i absolutely do know if i switch to this it will lower my batch cost by almost $4

No, but we cook at 455ish. If you cook higher, maybe it does

How many ounces are you using for a 50# bag of flour, the Stanislaus rep told me I can cut mine in half.

We use the 50/50 evoo/canola blend from Corto for pizza dough. 8 ⅓ cups for 50lbs flour. We use the la Padella for sauté and the 100% evoo for salads and bread dipping oil.

Thats 7% oil. I think. I use the same oil at 2%, just because thats what Tom L said to do. Never tried goung higher, whats the advantage.

Tom and I went over my percentages yrs ago, after taking over from my father, we concluded that I use 16oz of oil, but now that I switched over to this new oil, im using 1/2 the amount, at the advice from my stanislaus rep, did a few test runs and the dough and texture has not really changed much, but i will state that the flavor profile is a bit better

Hey Daisy I’m sorry I was refering to the amount marias said. I thought I had hit in reply in that text.

So if your doing a 50pd bag at a time with 8oz oil thats 1% with bakers %. I use 2%, the same amount as you did before. In 7 sevens years I have never tried a different amount of oil. all though 1 time I forgot to add oil(because I add the oil 2 minutes later), and I ended up throwing that batch out. it was bitter and dry.

Yup understood absolutely… So my percentage was also 2% oil (16oz), now since I switched as stated above my Stanislaus rep said I could go with 1/2 of that so now Im down to 8oz & truthfully my dough is really good not that it was bad before, Ive always had great product, I switched oils because of cost, now my batch cost is down $4 less from using the other olive oil I used. Have you heard of olive oil burning off during the bake time ?? Im cooking at 550ish

Never heard it talked about in the pizza world. I know when I add it to a skillet to cook a steak at home it has the house smoked up. and it doesn’t smoke up when I use canola. So it does make sense, especially at 555. I use 51/49 Corto at 500 and it taste great. Maybe that’s why Tom and Tony Gemignani don’t recommend olive oil in dough.

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I was using Tom’s percentages for baking in a conveyor with a Lloyd hearth disc. The oil weight worked out to be 8 ⅓ cups years ago, I’ve been there 18 years and the place opened 33 years ago but they had no recipes until I started they would hand add water or flour until it got to what they wanted. I’ve had to downsize to a less capable mixer since the original recipe so we cut down to 33lbs flour, 5.5 cups 50/50 oil, 17lbs water, 26 grams yeast, 1.5 cups sugar, .5 cup salt. I think the crust is very good.

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Stanislaus rep was at my place today. Asked him about this oil question. He said cutting in half would be drastic, a few ounces maybe but not cutting the oil recipe in half

Yeah I dont know. I do know that it really has not changed my finally outcome at all.

Can you tell your pizza sauce recipe?