I something to get excited about. I am in rut and need a new product, pizza or something to get me excited again about work. Anyone have an idea for me. I have a pizza buffet. We offer the typical pizzas, wings, burgers and appetizers.

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You might look at doing pasties. I know of no pizza shops doing that. You might start a new trend.
George Mills

What about Stromboli? Traditional Stromboli roll sliced would go nice on a buffet line

garlic knots! always an easy add on… if you wanna get fancy maybe pasta it has a low food cost and has 1000’s varieties.

shrimp cocktails?

Two things immediately come to mind, if you’re in rut best to stay out of the deer woods :D, and two, have you given any thought to a really great dessert pizza? One made using a real cheese base (like that used on a cheese Danish). This would be along the same lines that George suggested. These are really easy to make and are economical enough to be used on a pizza buffet, they kinda blurr the line between pizza and pastry. PMQ used to have a Survival Guide which they offered through their Dough Information Center with a lot of great variations on pizza including this dessert pizza. You might also check in the RECIPE BANK to see if it’s posted in there too. Let me know if you can’t find it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor