exhaust fan may cause water?

I am finding that watr is dripping through my integrated plenum . . . as well as through some seams along one side. Is it possible I have something really odd going on where water is seeping into the units on the roof and dropping down into the hood? Like into the turban-looking exhaust? Just trakcing options as I seek the leak.

I have been into the roof and don’t see anywhere for water to drain out of the exhaust if it should rain into it. Just curious.

Hi Nick:

All the exhaust fans we have ever sold have a drain hole in the base to drain water and accumulated grease from the fan.

New codes call for a grease catching devise to be attached to that drain to stop grease from just draining out on to the roof

George Mills

I do recall seeing a plastic canister now, with what could be filtering material. I’ll check that out in the next couple days to see if clogging or saturation could be part of the issue. May need new filter.

George, I knew you would have something good if no one else did :smiley: Thanks for bein’ there.