Exhaust Fan wont start up itself - Help George or others!

One of our two exhaust fans blows a breaker when it tries to start up. The fan spins freely AND when I give it a little push and then throw the breaker, it works fine. Once it turns off again it does not restart without a push. Any off-premise diagnoses?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Cuezze
Next Door Pizza

Bad start capacitor?

I was also thinking capacitor, if it is, its a quick easy fix.



Find the bad one (probably under a cover that looks like a bump on the motor) - remove it and head to Grainger.

Probably <$10.

I’ll bet $100 that a service call would result in a “that motor need replaced for $600”.

Hi pcuezze

The answers you have received are excelent, Hope it works for you.

George Mills

You need to test your components.


Disconnect your leads(power(s if 208-240)) and neutral) and run a continuity test on each lead.
Lead to Motor Chassis-Each lead; should be isolated. Short to Ground/Chassis is BAD!


Disconnect capacitor and run a screwdriver across the terminals.
If you hear a “Pop” then the capacitor is holding a charge and is fine.
Usually a bad capacitor will allow the rotor to “lock” in place and not spin. It does not trip the breaker. A capacitor creates a voltage un-balanced to start the spin on the rotor/motor.

Black Capacitor - Start
Silver Capacitor - Run

Some motors have both but generally smaller HP motors have only the Start capacitors.

Good Luck!

I had to repair the fan on my ice maker last week. The motor was going to set me back about $180 plus labor…

I found a place in Lebanon, IN called Surplus City Liquidators. All kinds lf new-old stock. I found the fan motor that would fit in my ice maker,30 buck, but it spun the wrong way. So back to the liquidators to get a fan. They had one, with the correct diameter, and correct hole size, pitched the correct way…$3.00. Did it myself, with my tools, and my manual.

I have an old Crystal Tips air-cooled on top of my fountain machine. After I changed the fan out, it runs like a charm. Making better ice too.


Thanks to everyone. This forum is a great resource. I swapped the start capacitor ($9.85) and it works like a charm. You guys probably saved me hundreds. I’m buying you a virtual beer.


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