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I am looking to upgrade our exhaust hoods over our grills and fryers. We now have galvanized hoods with no make up air so it"s time to upgrade. We are getting a 12" stainless hood with make up air, lighting and new exhaust fan and ducts. Also a stainless backsplash to cover the wall behind the line. It includes removal of our old hood, fire extinguisher system, install of new hood and replacement of fire system. First estimate came in at $11,000. I seem to remember hearing in the past that sort of a rule of thumb to figure hood pricing was about $1000/foot. Anyone have any idea or experience with pricing or replacement of exhaust hoods? Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Mike, give George Mills a call or send him a message here. He is a good source for this info and has some really good advice on vent systems that are low cfms and meet requirements.

George Mills
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Our hood about 4 years ago came in just a shade over $1000/ft . . . . and it took them the better part of 10 hours to install it. They quoted before they got into it, and they stood by their price. They were sooooooo underestimating the retro-fit :slight_smile: My guess is that you are quoted an exchaust fan AND a make-up fan.

George will definitely know the rough estimates of current trends. George is all about balancing the return air using the AC system to save on the equipment and the electricity costs . . . plus having temp controlled air into the building instead of superheated in summer and cold in winter. He’s good that way. You may mention that to your hood and your AC guy about balancing the CFM that way.

One thing to be sure of is that the ANSUL or other fire system really is out of date and truly needs replacement.

Thank you gentlemen for recommending me.

The initial cost of the ventilation system Is important but the yearly cost to operate the system is even more important.

Generally the lower the cost of the system the higher the cost to operate it.

A properly designed system can save thousands per year depending on the size and application.

George Mills