Expanding... NEED HELP with setting up a BAR please!!!

Hey all, the shop next door to mine is going out of business and I will be taking it over and adding a Bar… of course both of my shops will be joined to people can eat in both places.

My question is, I have a place for the coolers/tables and things like that but where can I find the actual “bar”. I hear alot of people make them themselves but I also heard you can buy them… so…

And also any ideas where to get a bar pool table/dart board and such?

Or does anyone know of a Bar related forum i could visit?

Thanks again for the help all!

wellllllllll…there’s bound to be some place in your area that provides coin-op pool tables, electronic dart boards (soft-tip…many love 'em, purists won’t give them the time of day–steel only with bristle boards!!), and video/pinball games. Find a couple and get a deal.

As for a bar, might be harder to find on the street. Maybe a used furniture/equipment house, but you may have to hire a creative woodworker.

I’ve been going through this same thing for the past 12 months. We built our bar… but my father is a residential home builder and is pretty handy. What are you going to serve from your bar? Bottle Beer only? Some draft? A lot of draft? Full liquor? How many seats are you looking at? How many employees will be working the bar? How many servers will you have that will be ringing in drinks? What type of draft system are you looking at? A direct draw box? Forced air from an adjacent walk-in cooler? Glycol system? What shape are you looking at doing? I wish I had room for a horse shoe, but I didn’t. I haven’t found any forums that could offer much help really.

Yeah i’ve been looking around eupher but i can’t seem to find anything so far. I start the build on the 1st and want to open her up in 1 month or less after that.

Scott, i’ll have bottled and 2-3 taps which will sit in the “keg coolers” i see for sale everywhere (most people around here prefer bottles over everything.
Yes a full liquor bar with about 20-30 seats but I also have a “back section” which will have about 200 seats for catering or 0 seats when i have a band playing (there will be a secondary wet bar in the back just for that).

The shape of the main bar however will just be straight across, about 20ft long so it should’nt be to difficult to find somewhat of a decent new/used bar setup…?


I think you will be surprised how much draft beer people will drink. With a 200 person concert hall, I think you might want to invest a bit more time and money into your research. How many seats at tables will this bar be handling? My bar is about 22 feet long, has 10 seats at it, but I also have a 100 seat dining room. On my poker night, I’ve got about 50 people in here drinking, and I’m running two servers, who are basically cocktailing. On that night I could use a second bartender at times, but the manager just floats out there and gets the job done when things get rough.