Expansion Dilemma

So my retail tenant next door finally is calling it quits in 3 months and trying to decide which is the best way to use the additional 900 SF. We currently have approx 2200SF with a huge kitchen and seating for 75

Sales are Takeout 50%, Dine-in 25%, Delivery 25%

Biggest room for growth is lunch.

Deciding whether expanding dining room to include a buffet with additional seating would be worthwhile. Dining room does get filled at times but not enough to warrant expansion in itself. The buffet would be something totally new and different to my area and might work

Other ideas might include private party/catering area, kids area with games, etc. or a small bar with no alcohol (do not want to open that can of worms)

Any suggestions?


We are smaller than you, but were in the same boat. Our dine in area was 1200 SF, and the place next door was available - another 1200 SF

We opened it as additional dining with arcade style games. It can also be booked for private parties - at a 2 hour minimum with at least a $70 food order. The room is working out great - best thing we ever did!