experience with stone/granite conveyor oven

anyone has or had conveyor oven that uses granite peaces rotating therefore creating identical to deck oven cooking style? are you happy with it? what happens if peace of cheese gets between pizza and stone…doesnt pizza get stuck to stone and you have to stop the belt to adress the problem or you need to do that superfast since belt keeps moving? i tried cooking pizza in such oven years ago and that exactly what happened…but i do love the concept…hoping to hear good feedback from someone who cooks directly on those granite blocks without use of pans/discks…

I have no clients using that type oven so i can only comment that it looks problematic.
George Mills

George, are you aware of any other problems with those type of ovens besides pizza being stuck on occasions? maybe i could use a parchment paper or something to solve it… or just try to rotate it right when its about to come out the other end…

I have not heard of any other problems. Your ideas may work.
George Mills

Friend just got one here in S.NH… worth a short drive if you are in/near Boston.

I liked that idea, as well, but I had a few concerns; service, parts, reliability.
Friend did say “LOTS of moving parts… to break”
I went with a new rotating deck oven.

The pizzas stick to the stone in the demo video of the Picard oven

Where is it located?

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If you P.M. me I will be glad to discuss my personal experiences with you. We had one for several years.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor