I don’t know if it will replace the cheese, but if you hit it with a really light drizzle of ExtraVirgin Olive Oil or even a flavored olive oil . . . it might just make you cry.

I make my own hummus here at the shop, so I might have to try you pizza tonight for dinner!! I had some yesterday with pita bread dipped in . . . have pizzas on the drawing board to use the hummus and I’ll start with yours.

We do a Salami and Saurkraut Pizza, and it’s amazingly awesome. Most people are afraid of it, but if you like saurkraut AT ALL it’s ten times better on the pizza. YUM. (Squeeze as much liquid out of the saurkraut as you can)

Feta on a hummus pizza is really a fantastic option… Throw some diced pepperoncini peppers on there, and you’ve got a winner! :smiley:

like most on here, I dream in pizza vision.

here are some I dream about

THANKSGIVING = Turkey, spiced and mashed yams, fresh cranberry sauce ( or substitute the yams +berries, with potatos and gravy)

GERMAN GRILLED CHEESE= Bacon, granny smith apples, cheese (no sauce)

KING’s DESERT = sweeten the pizza dough( add sugar or honey or however you see fit) use peanut sauce as a base and add bananas fried on a grill, drizzle with chocolate sauce… if u must.

TACO TRUCK = sweetbreads, peppers, onions, all diced and grilled. add some hot sauce to the tomato sauce, and add whatever type of taco fixing u desire.

Pizza is the perfect art form. It’s a blank tasty canvas… and u never know if something tastes awesome until you try it. also, my strategy has always been to look and see what people in my area love, and try to put some flavors into pizza delivery form.

Never have too many options though, that just stresses customers out.

one more thing…

some people think that the first pizzas were flatbreads from persia and consisted of dates and figs, which they cooked on their shields.

Okay, I came across a pizza recipe in Cooking Light or some such magazine while at the in-law’s. Give this one a try: Basil-pesto sauce & mozzarella topped with chicken, onions (they suggested green but I used sliced Spanish) and red seedless grapes sliced in half. Gorgonzola cheese is an optional add on that other people like on it, but which I did not care for.

The grapes caramelize just a bit and hold up surprisingly well (not too much liquid given off and they don’t turn to mush). Overall, a very tasty pizza as the sweetness of the grapes makes for a nice compliment to the other flavors.

I have dubbed this pizza Grape Expectations.

I should have asked before . . . how much bratwurst and how much kraut do you put on your pizza?

We slice the bratwurst (1/8" ish - it’s done by hand) and put 3 pieces on each slice of pizza - works out to just under 1 link on a 12" pizza. This is a bit heavier portion than we would normally use for an item on a 4-topping pizza, but the bratwurst is a key ingredient for this pie.

Sauerkraut is 3/4 cup on a 12" pizza. So far, this topping hasn’t been used on “build-your-own” pizzas like I had hoped it would. Maybe it will just take some time to gather a fan base.

sweet apple cinnamon stix - thin dough covered with mix of powered sugar and milk, then topped with thinly sliced green apples. when out of oven - sprinkle some cinnamon. cut in stix. unique, great food cost. its actualy in my appetizer section. :smiley:

We’re getting into a groove with new pizzas now. The plan is to rotate through limited-time creations on the menu, one “coming” and one “going.” I think two a year will work well for printing menus and a decent publicity/marketing life cycle.

Anyways, here’s the new one…

Italian Combo
TOMATO sauce & cheese stocked with sliced ITALIAN BEEF, chunks of ITALIAN SAUSAGE, and HOT GIARDINIERA - a condiment made with Hot Peppers, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery and Gherkins pickled in vinegar & oil. Our homage to an Italian Beef arriving on a pizza crust instead of a bun!
7.09 / 11.99 / 14.49 / 16.99

I’ve got a good feeling about this one at the pizza competitions - great flavors, a heat (spicy) the builds instead of overpowering every bite, and unique but not unfamiliar. I just wish I could come up with a better name and tag line, something playing on a Chicago stockyard angle perhaps…

:shock: EEEK, I have been working on the exact same pizza! only I was doing it in deep dish, I have not settled on a sauce but i am leaning twards a hot mustard, we call it our chicago mobster

Occam’s razor, Brad. Issues should not be complicated beyond necessity. . . . call it the “Chicago Stockyard”.