Explosive Fridays and mediocre Saturday?

Is it just me or when you have a great friday is your Sat. a little on the slower side or vice versa? I never seem to have the Big Friday and Saturday together.At end of month it all averages out but it just never seizes to amaze me how we just can’t predict this 'lovely’business…lol well its Sunday morning and I’m about to be off to start another day in da biz.Just hope all of our friends here in da tank are doing well as in health and $$.

                         Niccademo    :shock:

Ours will run in streaks where either Fri or Sat is better by 20-30% for several weeks in a row. It is pretty consistent from one year to the next which will be the leader. What that means is that if last year Friday was bigger and last week Friday was bigger, I can pretty much count on Friday being bigger.

On average our Fridays are 26% of our total sales and Saturday 22%.

This week we did $2400 on Friday (ouch) and $2600 on Saturday but this is right out of the norm. We normally do about $2800 - $3100 on Friday and $2100 - $ 2400 on Saturday.

We always bank on Friday as being our best and then Saturday and mostly we are about the same percentage.


fridays always good saturdays can go either way but still good sundays our dice shoot either really good or just hanging around cleaning

Ive stopped predicting a long time ago its soooo variable. In general most days are the same. I feel through the summer Fridays are busy later on as people are coming home from work, take a bit longer as its the weekend and might go for an after work drink. Then get ready to go out for the night.

Saturdays are busy earlier as the families will be out and about and most people tend not to be working.

But it flips in the winter and my thoery is everyone wants to be home as soon as possible from work. But as they say horses for courses.

I had to laugh when I saw the topic of this thread. We’ve experienced the exact same thing the last three weeks. Busy Fridays that get us all excited and then Saturdays that just kick you in the gut.

Not too long ago Fridays and Saturdays would run about the same. Saturday would be down anywhere from Fridays sales by 5-15%.
Last week our Saturday was down 34% from Friday and this week it was down an even 40%.

What a cruel business.

Lately our Fridays and Saturdays have been even. Usually Fridays are a bit lower than Saturdays. This past Friday we did 4600 and Saturday we did 5100. Best weekend so far this summer. To be honest this whole summer has been streaky. We’ll do awesome M-TH and crappy Friday and Saturday and then okay Sunday. So far this week has been great!