My first time here. It will not be my last.

A simple suggestion…any owner should be here at least every couple of years. Any operator , at least that often. It is simply that good. Is it 100% non-stop great seminars and fascinating training? Not for everyone’s liking or needs, no, but odds are you’ll have 2 or 3 a day. Plus the exhibits. Oh, the exhibits. Of course, since I’m still working toward opening, it helped me to have several different companies in one place. POS was priority, and resolved day 1. Well worth the time here for that alone.

I know it’s a competitor against our gracious hosts here in da Tank, but it’s good for the industry. And, I met Daddio and The Dough Doctor.

It would be great anywhere with the facilities available, and hotel availability. The splendor of Vegas is cool, but I’m no high roller. It could be Omaha or New York, it would still be a tremendous experience.

Here here!!

Had a great time this year too.